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Here is an example of our daily schedule

4:30am - 7:00am ~ Arrivals/Rest Time

7:00am - 7:20am ~ Breakfast School age kids / Outside Play Free Play little ones

7:20am - 7:30am ~ Bathroom, load car for school drop off

7:15am - 7:30am ~ Breakfast Preschoolers

7:30am- 8:00am ~ Toilet Time / Clean up

8:00am - 8:45am ~ Dancing / Getting the wiggles out

8:45am - 9:15am ~ Circle Time

9:15am - 9:30am ~ Toilet Time, wash hands prep and serve snack

9:30am - 9:45am ~ Snack

9:45am - 10:45am ~ Center Time / Educational Time / Art

10:45am - 11:15am ~ Outside Play / Free Play

11:15am - 11:45am ~ Toilet time, wash hands prep and serve lunch

11:45am - 12:00pm ~ Lunch

12:00pm - 2:30pm ~ Nap Time

2:00pm - 3:30pm ~ After School Pick up

2:30pm - 3:00pm ~ Nap Over, Toilet Time Preschool / Free Play / Outside Play

3:00pm - 3:45pm ~ Snack Time / Free Play

3:45pm - 4:45pm ~ Homework School Age / free play Preschool

4:45pm - 6:00pm ~ Outside Play

6:00pm - 6:15pm ~ Toilet time, wash hands prep and serve dinner

6:15pm - 6:40pm ~ Dinner

6:40pm - 8:00pm ~ board games, cartoons, or movie

8:00pm - 10:00pm ~ Downtime/ sleeping waiting to go home

The daily schedule may be subject to change from time to time so that we are able to keep

things exciting and new for the children!!